It’s that time of the year again changing of the seasons; temperatures increasing, rain from the heavens, flowers blooming, longer days and new beginnings.

This Easter weekend there are 4 parties around the M25 orbital.  On Friday, 30th March is the launch party at Woolston Manor Golf & Country Club, some of you may remember this is a revisit from the past.  This venue has been newly refurbished and our parties will be held in The Taylor Suite.  It was very popular when we were there a few years ago but unfortunately the management at the time was in disarray but now the new management are very much on the ball and we are sure you will enjoy coming here.

There is an extra party at Bushey Met Sports Club.  Remember it was cancelled at the beginning of March together with other parties due to snow and bad road conditions?  We managed to get a booking for this bank holiday weekend Friday, 30th March.  We know how popular this venue is and was pleased to

be offered an alternative date.  Another top favourite party is on too, yes you guessed it, Bird Hills Golf Club, also on Friday, 30th March.

That’s not all, on Easter Sunday, 1st April, at Ye Olde Plough House we are having a Soul and Club Classics Night and to keep you grooving on the dance floor is Soul/Club Calssics DJ Dave.

No reason or excuse to stay away.  Ladies get glammed up, men scrub up and everyone should join in the Easter parties around you to have fun and welcome the Blooming Spring into our lives.

Easter Eggs will be handed out at every party this weekend and there will be a cash prize in one of the eggs – it might be yours so don’t miss out!



Hmmn…. sadly we all had to say goodbye to one of our favourite party venues – Bushey Golf and Country Club.  The last party there was on Friday, 16th March and the turnout was excellent.  We had over 220 people who attended the farewell party which was great!  To ease the sadness, another venue has been found to continue our parties in the area.  The new location is only about 5.5 miles away from Bushey Golf Club.  Porters Park Golf Club will be the place to checkout!  It is probably one of the best venues we have.  The clubhouse, where all our parties will be held has a huge dancefloor and a terrace where you can have a chat with other members or just chill.  The function suite is very impressive and overlooks the panoramic view of the golf course.  This venue has lots of free parking which is  essential.  Our launch party is on Friday, 27th April, mark this date in your diary and don’t miss out, also tell all your friends so they too can come along and join in.


What can we say, the number of people who attended our Imber Court party on Saturday, 17th March was very pleasing.  We are proud of all you determined members who showed up to have a good time despite the bad weather warnings.  Well done!  Hope everyone got home safely after.

Just a reminder that our Uxbridge party at Uxbridge Sports and Cricket Club on Friday, 23rd March is cancelled and we will not be hosting any parties there.  The closure of this venue is due to the fact that there aren’t enough parking spaces for members and also we had too many venues around the vicinity.

Another permanent cancellation is the Maidenhead Rugby Football Club.  The last party there was on Friday, 16th March, again the reason for it’s closure is too many venues locally, like Pinewood Hotel, Bird Hills Golf Club and Après Nightclub.  Now on some of our party nights at Après we also have tribute bands or solo artistes performing in the Bier Keller.  Check out our Tribute Nights page to see who is performing on which nights.  There is a bonus for you; listen and singalong to the band/solo artiste you enjoy, then boogie the night away after, in the nightclub.  Get both for the price of an entry to the Nightclub. What better way to start your weekend……



First we get blocked in with snow, then Reigate Hill is closed due to diesel spillage but the road was opened for access to The Bridge House Hotel for our function which was extremely busy.

But you lot never let us down, you still overcame all the obstacles and attended the parties we arranged for you – thank you all!  Despite the bad weather and road blockage the attendances were good across the venues.

We had the County Reunion party at Theydon Bois Golf Club which was extremely well attended by a lot of people who used to go to the County Hotel and many of our members which created a fabulous atmosphere with nearly 200 people attending.  We are having another reunion there on Friday, 8th June.  This reunion party is for all of our members too, so do come along and join in the celebrations.

Message from our DJ Peter Rason: “Great to see some faces from the good times at the County Hotel at Theydon Bois on Friday.  Sorry I wasn’t able to catch up with everybody but we are planning another reunion night on 8th June so tell everyone and we will have another great night.  Check the website and Facebook for details soon”. DJ Peter.


Don’t forget our launch party at the newly refurbished Woolston Manor Golf Club on Friday 30th March and look forward to seeing you there!

We had our soft launch of Loyalty Cards at Old Deer Park in Richmond, everyone was given a card and they were very happy with this new introduction.  These cards will be issued weekly at a venue till every member has one.  Issuing these cards to every single member at a party is time consuming, we ask you to please bear with us and be patient on arrival.  Once everybody has their card it would be smooth sailing as the card only needs to be stamped on arrival.  So if you already have one, don’t forget to bring it along to every single party you attend.  A forgotten card loses a stamp and you can’t reclaim that stamp.




Hello Everyone

We at Dance Parties Plus have decided to reward ALL our members for coming to our parties regularly.  On Friday, 9th March, our soft launch will be at Old Deer Park, Richmond.  The main introduction at all other venues will be from Friday, 16th March and thereafter.

Each member will be given a loyalty card on arrival after registration at all of our events.  This card is NOT transferrable and each time you attend a party it will be stamped by the girls at reception.  Once you have attended 4 parties at any venue, you will be given a free entry on your 5th visit.  After attending 10 parties you will receive another free entry plus a £10 cashback! Sounds good right, so keep coming and don’t forget to bring your loyalty card everytime you go to any of our Dance Parties events.  This is our way of saying “Thank You” for your loyalty.





Thank goodness the snow is gone – think hot tubs and jacuzzies!! 

We hope nobody had any serious incidents during the white washout and everyone is safe and back to their routine.  As much as the snow creates beautiful sceneries, the aftermath is treacherous.  Thinking safety for everyone, we had to cancel all parties last Friday; with sincere apologies to those who were keen to attend.  Don’t despair, all scheduled parties are going ahead this Friday, 9th March, so make up for the lost party weekend and come along, tell your friends and bring them along too.

Our launch party last Saturday at The Old Windsor Club was excellent considering the weather. There was a good atmosphere and people were dancing all night to Ken’s great music.

A BIG thank you to all members who braved the weather and attended our party.  We are certain the next one on Saturday, 5th May will be busy.


On Saturday, 10th February our Valentine’s Party at The Harte & Garter Hotel was smashing!!!  Lots of members came to join in the celebration of LOVE!  We hope some of you found your soul mate and others made new friends.  All in all everybody had a good time mixing and grooving on the dancefloor with our very own excellent DJ Ken Rolph.

We had our launch party last Friday at the Old Deer Park in Richmond with a good turn out and great atmosphere.  The very large dancefloor was full all night and the party went really well with everyone having a good time and enjoying themselves.  Dance Parties Plus love to see our members fill up the dance floor and boogey the night away!  Our goal is to ensure you have a good night out and keep coming to our parties which are organised solely for you.  If you missed the launch party last Friday the next party at Richmond is on Friday, 9th March.  Don’t forget to put it down in your diary, it’s only three weeks away. This venue has a nice verander just outside, you can sit out there to chill and enjoy the fresh air!.


This Friday, 23rd February there will be another launch party in Surrey at Leatherhead Golf Club, Kingston Road, Leatherhead KT22 0EE.  This is a beautiful prestigious Golf Club with lots of free carparking, big dancefloor and reasonable bar prices with a 1am licence.  We encourage you to come and join in our party at this new venue.  We are sure you will like it and will keep coming regularly.  Make it a date and tell all your friends too, the more the merrier!



Hello everyone, we’re in the thick of winter and isn’t it cold out there!  The weather is so unsettling and seems like we may be having some snow this week!!!! Then again our weather forecast isn’t always correct….. Enough about the moans, life still goes on.  Like, our members have been very active and braving the freezing weather to get to our parties, we’re impressed.  Well done, guys and dolls! the numbers have been pretty encouraging considering the cold dark gloomy nights.

Christmas over. New Year’s Eve over. Now it’s time for love and romance for yourself.  Cupid is scouring the country with his bow and love arrows.  He’s coming to The Harte & Garter Hotel on Saturday, 10th February to the Ballroom upstairs between 8.30pm till 1am. And again on the day itself, Wednesday, 14th February to Après Nightclub, at the Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell.  If you want to be lucky and pehaps meet the person of your dreams or just have fun and enjoy the evening, be there, make it a date and who knows what may happen.  Don’t dismiss the idea or think “But, I’ve got no one to go with”, we’ll be there to help all you single souls looking for love. To start the ball rolling, there will be icebreaker games.  Everyone will be given a raffle ticket when they arrive.  Throughout the night whilst dancing and drinking you will be going round chatting with the opposite sex.  Whilst you chat and get to know new people, you will check if your raffle ticket numbers match, if so, whoohooo you’ve won a prize and made a new friend – win win!


Also, there will be cash prizes to be won – what’s keeping you in, we are trying our best to make it as special as we can and drag you from the warmth and comforts of your cosy home.


Leave the boring sofa and TV, come along to our parties and meet friends, old, new and make new ones too, new year new friends, all healthy and good for the soul!  With the nights getting shorter we could all welcome different things to do and be entertained!



Click HERE for more information on our Valentine’s Parties.



All the festivities of 2017 are over and normality has set back in – Phew!! We hope everyone is well, fit and raring towards a good 2018.  In about a month’s time it would be the year of the Dog!  May this be a better year for all of us.

Our last few parties this year so far have been well attended!  It was good to see members coming out and partying in the freezing weather – you brave souls.

LOVE is in the air or on it’s way ;)!- Cupid’s arrow is out and about so if you want to be struck don’t stay in.  Come to our Valentine’s party at the Harte & Garter Hotel in Windsor on Saturday, 10th February and again to Après Nightclub at the Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell (checkout our Valentine’s page for full details – click HERE).

We have a few NEW venues for you this year, Brian had been very busy last year sourcing them out to keep your Friday party nights fresh and exciting.  Some of these venues may work and others may not as we have experienced in the past but we will always keep trying.  Do tell us what you think when you attend and we will endeavour to work with your suggestions/recommendations.

There are two new venues in the Surrey area this February; Richmond at Old Deer Park on Kew Road and Leatherhead at Leatherhead Golf Club on Kingston Road.  Our launch party in Richmond is on 16th February and the Leatherhead one on 23rd February.  Put these dates in your diary.

In March another new venue in Old Windsor, called Windsor Old Club at 46A St. Luke’s Road.  The launch party is on 3rd March 2018. Again, pen this date in your diary.

Surprise, Surprise,  we are revisiting an old party site in Chigwell – Woolston Manor Golf & Country Club.  This venue has been redecorated and our parties will now be held in the newly refurbished Lounge & Bar.

Click HERE for more information on all our new venues.


Hi Everyone – Brian and his team at Dance Parties Plus wish all of you a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018.  We would also like to thank all our members for all the support and loyalty you have given us throughout 2017.  We will keep organising more parties and there are  a few new venues coming up this year.  So keep coming to our parties and we will keep throwing them for all of you out there!

Our New Year’s Eve party at the Harte & Garter Hotel in Windsor went with a BIG Bang and everyone had a great time.  The food was scrumptous, music brilliant and the hotel staff on duty worked very hard on the night.  We had a good crowd of over 300 people and the atmosphere was superb!