First we get blocked in with snow, then Reigate Hill is closed due to diesel spillage but the road was opened for access to The Bridge House Hotel for our function which was extremely busy.

But you lot never let us down, you still overcame all the obstacles and attended the parties we arranged for you – thank you all!  Despite the bad weather and road blockage the attendances were good across the venues.

We had the County Reunion party at Theydon Bois Golf Club which was extremely well attended by a lot of people who used to go to the County Hotel and many of our members which created a fabulous atmosphere with nearly 200 people attending.  We are having another reunion there on Friday, 8th June.  This reunion party is for all of our members too, so do come along and join in the celebrations.

Message from our DJ Peter Rason: “Great to see some faces from the good times at the County Hotel at Theydon Bois on Friday.  Sorry I wasn’t able to catch up with everybody but we are planning another reunion night on 8th June so tell everyone and we will have another great night.  Check the website and Facebook for details soon”. DJ Peter.


Don’t forget our launch party at the newly refurbished Woolston Manor Golf Club on Friday 30th March and look forward to seeing you there!

We had our soft launch of Loyalty Cards at Old Deer Park in Richmond, everyone was given a card and they were very happy with this new introduction.  These cards will be issued weekly at a venue till every member has one.  Issuing these cards to every single member at a party is time consuming, we ask you to please bear with us and be patient on arrival.  Once everybody has their card it would be smooth sailing as the card only needs to be stamped on arrival.  So if you already have one, don’t forget to bring it along to every single party you attend.  A forgotten card loses a stamp and you can’t reclaim that stamp.



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