Hello everyone, we’re in the thick of winter and isn’t it cold out there!  The weather is so unsettling and seems like we may be having some snow this week!!!! Then again our weather forecast isn’t always correct….. Enough about the moans, life still goes on.  Like, our members have been very active and braving the freezing weather to get to our parties, we’re impressed.  Well done, guys and dolls! the numbers have been pretty encouraging considering the cold dark gloomy nights.

Christmas over. New Year’s Eve over. Now it’s time for love and romance for yourself.  Cupid is scouring the country with his bow and love arrows.  He’s coming to The Harte & Garter Hotel on Saturday, 10th February to the Ballroom upstairs between 8.30pm till 1am. And again on the day itself, Wednesday, 14th February to Après Nightclub, at the Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell.  If you want to be lucky and pehaps meet the person of your dreams or just have fun and enjoy the evening, be there, make it a date and who knows what may happen.  Don’t dismiss the idea or think “But, I’ve got no one to go with”, we’ll be there to help all you single souls looking for love. To start the ball rolling, there will be icebreaker games.  Everyone will be given a raffle ticket when they arrive.  Throughout the night whilst dancing and drinking you will be going round chatting with the opposite sex.  Whilst you chat and get to know new people, you will check if your raffle ticket numbers match, if so, whoohooo you’ve won a prize and made a new friend – win win!


Also, there will be cash prizes to be won – what’s keeping you in, we are trying our best to make it as special as we can and drag you from the warmth and comforts of your cosy home.


Leave the boring sofa and TV, come along to our parties and meet friends, old, new and make new ones too, new year new friends, all healthy and good for the soul!  With the nights getting shorter we could all welcome different things to do and be entertained!



Click HERE for more information on our Valentine’s Parties.

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