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We at Dance Parties Plus have decided to reward ALL our members for coming to our parties regularly.  On Friday, 9th March, our soft launch will be at Old Deer Park, Richmond.  The main introduction at all other venues will be from Friday, 16th March and thereafter.

Each member will be given a loyalty card on arrival after registration at all of our events.  This card is NOT transferrable and each time you attend a party it will be stamped by the girls at reception.  Once you have attended 4 parties at any venue, you will be given a free entry on your 5th visit.  After attending 10 parties you will receive another free entry plus a £10 cashback! Sounds good right, so keep coming and don’t forget to bring your loyalty card everytime you go to any of our Dance Parties events.  This is our way of saying “Thank You” for your loyalty.




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