A wonderful night at Theydon Bios last night. Girls on the door were happy and cheerful. Like to thank them for their prompt attention upon arrival. The club seemed quite full, about 150 to 200 ish I guess. Peter the DJ played great dance tracks most of the night and lots of people danced including many men (Nice to see). Peter was not tempted to play too much old classic stuff and kept the dance floor pretty busy most of the night. As usual, I had a great time and hope that more evenings are like this one.


Drew of Suffolk


What a different a DJ makes

Went to Thydon Bois last night. And what a great night. Music was spot on, the DJ was on the money. I take my hat of to him. I love to dance and i had my fill last night.



Great DJ at Theydon Bois last night, shame he can’t go to Bulphan – in September at Bulphan the DJ spoilt our night.

Sandra, Basildon

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