Hmmn…. sadly we all had to say goodbye to one of our favourite party venues – Bushey Golf and Country Club.  The last party there was on Friday, 16th March and the turnout was excellent.  We had over 220 people who attended the farewell party which was great!  To ease the sadness, another venue has been found to continue our parties in the area.  The new location is only about 5.5 miles away from Bushey Golf Club.  Porters Park Golf Club will be the place to checkout!  It is probably one of the best venues we have.  The clubhouse, where all our parties will be held has a huge dancefloor and a terrace where you can have a chat with other members or just chill.  The function suite is very impressive and overlooks the panoramic view of the golf course.  This venue has lots of free parking which is  essential.  Our launch party is on Friday, 27th April, mark this date in your diary and don’t miss out, also tell all your friends so they too can come along and join in.


What can we say, the number of people who attended our Imber Court party on Saturday, 17th March was very pleasing.  We are proud of all you determined members who showed up to have a good time despite the bad weather warnings.  Well done!  Hope everyone got home safely after.

Just a reminder that our Uxbridge party at Uxbridge Sports and Cricket Club on Friday, 23rd March is cancelled and we will not be hosting any parties there.  The closure of this venue is due to the fact that there aren’t enough parking spaces for members and also we had too many venues around the vicinity.

Another permanent cancellation is the Maidenhead Rugby Football Club.  The last party there was on Friday, 16th March, again the reason for it’s closure is too many venues locally, like Pinewood Hotel, Bird Hills Golf Club and Après Nightclub.  Now on some of our party nights at Après we also have tribute bands or solo artistes performing in the Bier Keller.  Check out our Tribute Nights page to see who is performing on which nights.  There is a bonus for you; listen and singalong to the band/solo artiste you enjoy, then boogie the night away after, in the nightclub.  Get both for the price of an entry to the Nightclub. What better way to start your weekend……


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