Terms & Conditions

Membership Cards

Members must produce their Membership Card whenever attending events. It is a condition of Membership that any discounts and concessions arranged on behalf of our Members will only be available to those Members presenting THEIR OWN valid Membership Card. Membership Cards are not transferable and any Member who allows his/her Membership Card to be used by a non-member shall be liable to have his/her Membership revoked and be responsible to compensate us for any loss suffered as a result of such misuse of his/her Card by a non-member.

The renewal date for your membership will be the 1st day of the month shown on your card and if you are a Party Member the cost to renew for another year (when the time comes) will be £5.

Termination of Membership

Dance Parties Plus may expel from Membership any Member who is in breach of the Club Rules or any regulations made thereunder, or any Member whose conduct is such as shall in our opinion be injurious to the character of the Club or the interests of the Members, or any person who has provided unsufficient or untrue personal information. An expelled Member shall forfeit all the privileges of Membership and all rights against Dance Parties Plus and shall forthwith return his/her Club Membership Card to our address as shown on our literature and on our website. No part of the Membership fee shall be repayable to the Member in the event of expulsion. In addition, all establishments participating in schemes with us will be notified of the termination of that person’s Membership and informed that they should not honour any arrangements made with Dance Parties Plus where that Member is concerned.

Membership will terminate when a Member does not renew by paying a subscription which is due. The Membership Card must then be surrendered to us. Dance Parties Plus may revoke a person’s Membership or refuse renewal of Membership without giving a reason and without recompense or recourse to or by that person. In the event of the termination of the Full or VIP Membership by us during the currency of the particular Membership period, our only obligation shall be to refund a portion of the Membership fee equivalent to the unexpired portion of the Membership period (other than where a Member is expelled). In the event of termination of Party Membership, we have no obligation whatsoever to refund any money with regard to the unexpired portion of the Membership under any circumstances.

Should a Member have valid reason for wishing to terminate his/her own Membership, Dance Parties Plus will review each situation individually and at their discretion.


Members admitted to establishments or taking part in organised holidays, trips or tours of any kind by virtue of their Membership will be bound by the rules of the establishment, carrier, or tour operator concerned.

PLEASE NOTE: It is FORBIDDEN for anyone to bring their own drink (of any kind) in to any of our parties. Only drink purchased at the venue may be consumed on the premises and random searches of bags etc. will take place. Any drink found will be confiscated and the person concerned BANNED from future parties.

With regard to purchasing tickets for any special events i.e. New Year’s Eve etc. there will be no refunds unless all tickets to the event have been sold.  Should the event/party have to be changed to another venue of a similar stature due to unforseen circumstances, and if the package purchased by a person remains the same no refund will be issued.  If for any reason parties including New Year’s Eve are cancelled due to Covid, any refunds will be put into credit for future events.  Please note all tickets purchased for any events are non-transferable unless agreed by Dance Parties Ltd/Dance Parties Plus.  We also as a company reserve the right to cancel any parties/events for whatever reason and will honour any payments made for these events/parties by offering an alternative event/s by putting their funds into credit.

Dance Parties Plus, acting in the role of co-ordinator of the events as arranged, shall not be held responsible for anything that may or may not happen through or because of any event or activity held or not held or associated with the organisation, neither shall it be held responsible for person or property of any Member or persons associated thereto, neither shall it accept any responsibility for any person involved whether directly or indirectly associated with any Member or Members of the organisation, this being the responsibility of the individual, individuals, or establishments concerned.

We are unable to make refunds for any accommodation booked via us since we have arranged special prices with the provider unless it is cancelled 3 months prior to the event.

Data Protection

All details supplied to us are stored by us in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and as such will not be shared with or divulged to any other organisation or person without your prior permission. We are registered with the Information Commissioner for Data Protection and our number is Z3133670. With regard to electronic marketing, we abide by The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.